2021 Help Keep Somerville Alive! Advocacy Opportunities

Somerville is changing fast, with multiple developments occuring all over the City and in many different neighborhoods. You can make a difference by letting City officials know that you want to see the rich history of Somerville preserved and enhanced at these sites. Take a look below:

Blessing of the Bay Boathouse Plan

Wouldn’t you love to see a play structure like this at the Blessing of the Bay boathouse? John Winthrop, the first Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony had a ship similar to this built and launched on the Mystic on July 4th, 1631. He called it “The Blessing of the Bay”. It’s purpose was to trade up and down the east coast for supplies, but it was armed in case of a fight.

The Soldier and Sailors Monument on Central Hill

These monuments will remain on Central Hill and a new design / pathway will be created to connect them in a meaningful way. Thanks for making your opinions known!

To make your opinion known, you can contact us and/or contact Kristen Steljes, administrator of the Community Preservation Act for the City of Somerville at 617-625-6600 and ask for Kristen Steljes. You can also contact Brandon Wilson, Director of the Somerville Historic Preservation Commission at 617-625-6600 x 2532. All of us want to hear from you!