Access for All Strategic Planning

The Museum’s Strategic Plan 2010-2020 

The Board of Trustees has created a ten year Strategic Plan to address many of the capital issues of the Museum.  We have gone from leaky roof and windows in 2010 to upgrading the Museum’s interior weatherization this year. By 2020, the Museum should be fully accessible to the public via a four-stop elevator, the interior should be dry and insulated, and the care of the collections significantly improved.  In addition, we plan to be well on our way to documenting the collections digitally for the public’s access.   

Concurrently with the Capital Strategic Plan is an Operational Strategic Plan. Programming is at the heart of the Museum’s mission and we will be looking at endowing the Museum’s operations.  Click here for the Museum’s ongoing program schedule and click here to join or renew your membership.

Major Grants To Date:

In 2013, we received a grant from the Wallace Foundation of $85,000 to support our accessibility proposal. This was followed in June of 2014, with an award of $40,000 from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Cultural Facilities Fund  toward the Access for All renovations. The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) supported our request for funds to build the elevator addition, as well as install the Palladian window onto the west facade of the building. In May of 2016, the Museum was awarded over $420,000 to undertake this work and more.

In addition, CPA funds have made possible the weatherization of the Museum including the introduction of storm windows and motorized shades on the upper windows.  (They are used when the Museum is closed to protect collection pieces or during lectures.) We have also insulated the attic, installed environmental monitors on each floor, and installed a back up sump pump for the basement.  

Thank you people of Somerville for passing the CPA!!!

 The Community Preservation Act

Somervile voters passed the CPA in 2012 by a wide margin.  The funds are used for low income housing, aquisition of green space or renovation of recreation spaces and historic preservation.  For more information on the City of Somerville’s CPA plans click here.  

How does an all-volunteer, membership-run organization raise the finances required to keep it up to date and vital?

The answer is YOU! 

In 2011, over 400 members of the community contributed an average of $100 to help us raise $45,000 to replace the roof of the Museum.  No one at the time thought Somerville could do this, but they were proved wrong! 

To donate to the Museum’s capital fund and continue our growth, click here.