2021 Advisory Council

The authority of the Board of Trustees of the Somerville Museum to form an Advisory Board is written into Article VII of the organization’s Constitution and Articles of Incorporation issued November 9, 1898.  The current Somerville Museum Advisory Council was formed in 2013 and held its first meeting on March 5th of that year.  The purpose of this Council is to supplement the expertise of the Board of Trustees to better govern the organization and fulfill the Museum’s mission.

Membership in the Advisory Group is renewable on a year-by-year basis, but unless otherwise noted, it is assumed to continue.  The time commitment varies based on the situation at hand.  Generally, there has been no set schedule of meetings as the activities of the members vary and members are involved on an as-needed basis.

Members of the Advisory Council come from many different specialties including the arts, history and culture sector, libraries and archives, architecture and historic building maintenance, security, collection care, landscaping, public relations, web-design, finance and more. The Board of Directors (Trustees?) and members are deeply grateful for the service of these Advisory Council members.  Unless notified to the contrary, the Museum will acknowledge the help and commitment of the Advisors publically by adding their names of the roster of Advisors on publication materials, such as on the Museum’s website or annual meeting proceedings.  An Advisor can request that their name not be made public if they so desire.

The Advisory Council consists of volunteers who are dedicated to the success of the Museum in a variety of ways. Whether it’s helping with website design, front desk coverage or collecting admission at events, these volunteers are always on hand. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact us today!

Alison Drasner, Assistant Director, alison@somervillemuseum.org

Nancy Busnach

Rita DeBellis

Charan Devereaux, Advisory Council Member and Scholar in Residence

Nadia Dixon

Barbara Fash

Cynthia Frawley

Tamara Friedler

Richard Graf

Gregory Jenkins

Ranbir Kaur

Peter Lesses

Olivia Meehan

Debra Olin

Bess Paupeck

Denise Provost

Vilma Sullivan

Erline Tanice

Penny Taylor

Haiti Thomas

Kate Zebrose