In 2015, the Somerville Museum began establishing a series of awards to recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions to the history, culture and preservation of not only the city, but to the Somerville Museum as well.

These awards, along with the criteria for their selection, are outlined below. Each year, the Museum Trustees along with Charan Devereaux, who conceived of the Awards Program, and is a member of the Museum’s Council of Advisors, meet to determine the winners. In the case of The Thomas Battinelli Stewardship Award, the Museum Trustees alone are responsible for making the decision. However, members of the public are also encouraged to submit recommendations to the Museum at any time. The recipients, who are selected in October, are honored at the Museum’s annual December gathering where the awards are bestowed. While initially given in various categories, the awards have now been organized into three separate entities.

Community Service Award

Somerville Museum Business History Award

Thomas Battinelli Stewardship Award