2020 Board of Trustees

Bios and images coming soon…

Evelyn Battinelli, Executive Director and Trustee, evelyn.battinelli@gmail.com

Dyan Blewett, Treasurer and Trustee, drblewett@comcast.net

Honorable Eugene Brune, Trustee, eugeneC79@comcast.net

Jeff Myers, Programming Committee member and Trustee, myersj@gmail.com

Dr. David Guss, Programming Committee Director and Trustee, David.Guss@Tufts.edu

Stephen Mackey, Vice President and Trustee, smackey@somervillechamber.org

Barbara Mangum, President and Trustee, bmangum411@aol.com

Regina Pisa, Trustee and former President, https://www.linkedin.com/in/rpisa/

William White, Executive Committee member and Trustee, william.a.white@verizon.net

Lawrence Willwerth III, Secretary and Trustee, lwillwerth3@yahoo.com