Community Curator Grant Application

Application Questions

All applications must be digitally submitted to Applications should include the following: 

1) Contact Information: Name, mailing address, phone, email, affiliation and website (if appropriate).

2) Summary: Exhibit Title and one sentence that summarizes the exhibit.

3) Curatorial Statement: One-page statement describing the project and the artifacts submitted.

4) Partners: List of potential collaborators and their roles.

5) Outreach & Programming: What kinds of community programs and engagement during the exhibit do you envision? What is your plan for outreach and what specific audiences do you hope to include?  

6) Preference for exhibition time: Are there any special considerations that would influence the timing of your exhibit? Duration of exhibits is typically from 8-12 weeks. Selected exhibits must be installed by the applicant within two years of receiving the award.

7) Relevance: How is this exhibit relevant to the people of Somerville? Has this exhibition or grouping of artists shown anywhere else? If so, where, and how would you modify it for presentation at the Somerville Museum?

8) Experience: Describe your background and any relevant experience that has prepared you to curate this exhibit.

9) Relation to the Museum: How did you hear about the Community Curator program? Have you visited the Museum and if so, which show(s) did you see?

10) Attach six to ten images that typify the artifacts to be included in your exhibit. (Images should be jpg files no larger than 300 dpi and not to exceed 3MB each; or a link to files saved on a website or shared folder)

Submit proposals to:

Additional questions: 

Alison Drasner, Asst. Director,