El Dorado Chocolataria

Curated by José Falconi and Santiago Montoya (Community Curators)

Winter 2020 (opening reception date tbd)

Colombian artist, Santiago Montoya, poses with José Falconi in front of Montoya’s wall art.

Curated by Community Curators, José Falconi and Santiago Montoya, ‘El Dorado Chocolataria’ will be curated by two of Latin America’s leading artists, José Falconi from Peru and Santiago Montoya from Colombia. Sure to garner interest from critics and art-lovers well beyond Somerville, the ‘El Dorado Chocolataria’ will reimagine the elusive paradise of gilded beings long sought by South American explorers. Instead of gold, however, these explorers will enter into the subconscious world of sweets, turning the Museum into an enormous chocolate factory where hot cocoa can be exchanged for anything from an original work of art to a simple found object.