Home is Where the Art is

This virtual exhibit showcases the drawings of Jessica Howard’s Somerville High School’s portfolio class as part of our Art of Observation exhibit. After meeting with David Campbell, the class was invited to draw what was visually interesting and meaningful to them in their immediate environment.

Participating Students and their artwork:

  1. Lily CampbellSleeping Under the Stars, digital print
  2. Esmay Pricejones, February 7th 2018 at 2:38pm, acrylic
  3. Verea MillerDiscovery, acrylic
  4. Emma Fitzsimmons-BrannSerendipity, collage, mixed media
  5. Rachel VallerySky in the Eye, watercolor
  6. Tanya DorsenSomerville Landmarks, 2020, digital print
  7. Athena Parkman, 2014, fabric, thread, hot glue
  8. Reeves BeckleyDrowning in Headlines, mixed media
  9. Gabriel FagundesStill Sunny Day, watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic
  10. Carmen RatteryWarm Winter, watercolor
  11. Emma DeJesusDying Motivation, pencil
  12. Aicha KrouchIn My Room, acrylic
  13. Isabella AllenThe Symphony of Leaves on Thursdays, mixed media
  14. Ana BarrettPetunia, watercolor, colored pencil

“[Before the pandemic] I visited Jessica Howard’s art class at Somerville High School. This is an elective class and included students from all grades. They were working on a complex perspective assignment. I showed them examples of my pictures that engage the same visual problems. I was very impressed by their work and their concentration. 

At a later date, I had an on-line meeting with Ms. Howard and some of these students. I described my development as a plein-air painter working with whatever was around me over the decades – city, forest, ocean – and encouraging them to see that their immediate surroundings provide worthwhile subject matter when seen with an artist’s eyes.”

                                                                                                                    – David Campbell