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Three Paths to Italy, 2012


Gaeta scene


Somerville artist John Superti has designed an exhibit of one person's multiple approaches to understanding his Italian background. Somerville residents from Gaeta - Somerville's sister city - will contribute their own photos of their town of origin.


More information

Program flyer - About the artist - How to research your family's history [using Gaeta as an example] - If you missed the opening..








Contribute your own photos and recipes from Gaeta to be displayed in the special exhibit on Gaeta / Somerville - Sister Cities!


The Exhibit


Art and Culture

Recent photographs and collages inspired by John's many trips to Italy.  The exhibit offers a unique insight into Italian culture.


Historic Preservation: Discovering and Documenting the Past.  John recently completed his book I Cavalli di Firenze (The Horses of Florence), which documents the decorated iron horse hitches that adorn the medieval and Renaissance palaces of Florence. The stylized animal heads that crown each hitch represent an early form of Italian folk art.  The book will be on view at the opening.

John's family


Genealogy: Finding a Family History.  During John’s research on the Superti family (from Barletta) and the Guida family (from Centola), he discovered early photographs and documents from the 19th to the early 20th century, which will be on display.  To complement the exhibit, instructions on how to find the genealogy of your own family are provided here (with emphasis on Gaeta.)



Funding provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, MPTF Grant through Massachusetts Historical Commission, William F. Galvin, Secretary of State, and members of the Somerville Museum.

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