Past Events & Projects

Photographs from the March 15th, 2013 Benefit

Thank you to Skip Murray, friend and photographer for his wonderful record of the St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza!

These images are just the tip of the iceberg.  To visit Skip’s site and see more images of the March 15th event,  click here.

Wreath Auction 2012 – Top 5 Winners

We made $500 for the Building Fund!  Thank you all! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the First Annual Wreath Auction at the Museum.

It was a huge amount of fun for those of who made them, and those who bought them. See you next year!

The Slate Roof: Replaced

What was done in 2012 with your support. Thank you to our great contractors, who have done, and are doing, a superlative job.

Undertaking repair work on an historic structure such as the Somerville Museum requires top-notch professionals.  The following contractors were employed by the Museum to undertake the required work: 

For the roofing and copper work: Garrett Laws of Copper and Slate, Somerville, MA.

For the repair of the windows, wood gutters and trim:  Morse Construction, Inc. of Central St. in Somerville.

The slate roof system including all metal flashings and accessories was replaced.  The new slate is S-1 grade, 12 x 18″ rated for 75 years of life, grey to black in color. It is known as “North Country unfading black”.
The valley, ridge, eave and chimney sheet metal were replaced with new copper sheet metal as needed, including all counter flashings.

The wooden components that were repaired and /or replaced included the fascias, soffits, gutters and associated dentil molding. Replacements of these elements were milled from Spanish cedar to the exact profile of the original. The architectural elements in wood at the roof level were also scraped and painted per the architect’s specifications.

The gutters were lined with copper, with all joints soldered.  The copper gutter liner extends to the roof edge and terminates under the lower row of shingles.

Beautiful and strong new snow guards were attached to the roof using a heavy-duty fastening system.

The masonry at the roof line was repointed as needed, a chimney cap was installed for the first time, and wooden supports were added to the attic to stiffen the roof, which had sagged a bit over the intervening 85 years.

Button Design Contest 2011

Thank you to all the artists and graphic designers who submitted their design.  They are so nice that we couldn’t take them down.  Enjoy!

The Winning Design: Tina Riedel

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