Penny Chronicles and the Stories They Tell

“Penny Chronicles” will be a history of the City of Somerville as told through postcards. By employing the Museum’s modular panels, the installation will be semi-permanent and easily stored when other exhibits require the space. To undertake this project, a team of eight has joined together in collaboration. Themes being explored are the relation of postcards to historic events, the meaning of monuments like Prospect Hill and the Powder House, the architectural reuse of schools and churches, and the loss of places with its impact on the evolving  streetscape. The exhibit will also explore the messages written on the ‘other side,’ and through state of the art computer technology, bring these words to life once again. Of equal importance will be the many forms of outreach conducted throughout the exhibit, insuring that “Greetings from Somerville” will be as welcoming as its name suggests.

This exhibit is curated by David Guss and will be on display beginning May 2021.