Somerville Museum Building Committee

About Us

The Somerville Museum is:

  • a national treasure-enclosing Charles Bulfinch’s Flying Double Staircase built for the Barrell Mansion in 1792
  • a research library that chronicles the lives of the residents of Somerville from the earliest times onward.
  • an important historical artifact collection  derived from local citizens

Please visit the Somerville Museum website for information on cultural events and happenings. Click here.

Our Strategic Plan will ensure that the Museum is accessible for all and will continue to provide for people of all ages:

  • art, history, and cultural exhibitions
  • musical and dramatic performances
  • history learning projects

The 2018-19 Somerville Museum Building Committee

Anthony Amore, Security Consultant

Evelyn Battinelli, Executive Director and Trustee

Richard Graf,  Architect, Fort Point Consulting´╗┐

Richard Kerschner, Environmental Consultant

Barbara Mangum, President and Trustee

Jeff Meyers, Member, Council of Advisors

Peter Quinn, Architect, Peter Quinn Architects

Bob Schofield, Museum Maintenance Contractor

Larry Willwerth, Chair of the ´╗┐Security Committee and Trustee´╗┐