Somerville Open Studios (SOS)

Upcoming Events

Somerville Open Studios: Last Look Show

Saturday, June 5 – Sunday, June 27, 2021

Due to the pandemic the Somerville Museum wasn’t able to hold the annual “First Look Show” during April/May of this year. Instead, we’re collaborating with SOS to offer a “Last Look Show” that showcases the local artists currently registered with SOS. This is a non-juried show and gives artists another opportunity to interact with the community.

Admission: This event is sponsored by SOS and free to the public. Donations to the Somerville Museum are always welcome!


Thursdays, 2pm–7pm
Fridays, 2pm–5pm
Saturdays, 12pm–5pm
Sundays, 12pm–5pm*

*While the Museum is not normally open on Sundays, we are making an exception for this exhibit so that everyone has a chance to enjoy!

COVID-19 Updates: The Museum is following suggested safety and health regulations and visitors are still required to wear masks and social distance while in the space.

Due to construction, there are no public restrooms at this time.

Past Events

Somerville Open Studios: First Look Show

Every year the Somerville Museum and Somerville Open Studios (SOS) hosts the First Look Show at the Museum. This show is open to all artists who register for SOS weekend and opens before the official SOS weekend and runs through May. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the events this year were canceled. However, you can still learn about artists and see their videos on the SOS homepage.

For more information, please contact Mara Brod.

Special hours during this exhibit are listed in our calendar of events.