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Somerville Open Studios


Did January seem to pass you by so much so that you missed the Somerville Open Studios registration deadline? (yes, we are looking at you!) Luckily, you'll have one more chance to register this Saturday February 10, 2018. We will be accepting online payments only, and registration will close at 11:59pm.

Being that it is also the 20th Anniversary for SOS we are also seeking any volunteer who have ever donated some of their time for out volunteer appreciation photo shoot that will be featured in this years map book. We've selected two dates and would love to hear from you for your availability. To participate, let us know when you are available ( Along with the photo shoot, we will also have refreshments and your chance to silkscreen your own SOS gear. You bring it, we'll silkscreen it! 
We are writing to you because you have participated in Somerville Open Studios in the past. As you may know, SOS is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. To mark this anniversary, we decided that one of the themes is "Homecoming," and we would like to we would like to welcome you back to participate, even if you have left Somerville or no longer have a studio here. We want to honor alumni of SOS and give you a chance to come home, enjoy the events, and participate. This is only available to alumni on this email list, and will not happen again next year. We are very excited to see you all again. 
There are various ways to join the fun during our 2018 Open Studios. 


Weekend Participation:

  • You can register for open studios if you have a Somerville friend/sponsor host or locate a venue/business to show your work. We will open registration for 24 hours on Saturday February 10th. Please register that day by following this link. Normal registration fees apply. Registration will grant you an SOS website profile with an alum badge which will be active for the entire year. It is your responsibility to find a friend or sponsor that can host you before you register. 
  • If space is available in Community Space, you are welcome to join our other members at the Armory and possible alternative space for an additional fee. 

Show participation:
We have a number of shows/activities featuring SOS members and volunteers.

  • First Look Show at the Somerville Museum: Open to all SOS members who submit one piece of their choice. 
  • The Volunteer Show at the Diesel Cafe: If you have volunteered anytime with SOS you are welcome to submit work to this show. 
  • Beyond the Pattern Fashion Show: If you are a fashion designer, fiber artist or wearable art artist you are encouraged to participate on the runway.


And two shows in the works:

  • The Nutty Show at Q's Nuts: Open to all SOS members as long as it reflects the concept of "nuts".
  • 20X20 in 20: An art challenge event and art sale. Final details are being ironed out - expect more information in the next few weeks.


In addition, you can:
Share memories and experiences of past SOS Events! 
We will have a historical retrospective in the Inside-OUT Gallery- The windows of the Davis Sq CVS (thank you Heather Balchunas and the SAC!) If you have any of the following to share, we would be most grateful!

  • Memories, stories and anecdotes concerning SOS- interesting visitors, crazy studio mates, and deadlines. 
  • Inspiring stories that affected your art practice.
  • Photos and images of the past. 


We hope you can join us in any of these events as a member or visitor. If you have any questions about participating as an SOS alum, please email Terry Dovidio ( or Matt Kaliner ( We are eager to welcome you back!

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